Design Development


Beca Alcorta is a Berlin-based sculptural artist. Her artistic practice fuses mediums including acrylic, organic material, upcycled objects, aluminium and clay. Transcending the boundaries between arts and crafts, her gothic-esque sculptures delve into the intricate role of magicality in ecodoom.

Creative Direction Design


with Carlos Mayo

Portfolio experience designed for Madrid based video editor Julia Plaza. Using draggable containers, the interface allows you to create a bespoke reel with the available clips.


with Marta Serras

Sky Division integrates street casting with traditional agency talents to craft a unique global message. They nurture talents through honest feedback, fashion mentorships, and community-based learning, celebrating authenticity and diversity to foster positive growth and inspirational representation.

Development three.js


with Pedro Ajo

Located in the vibrant heart of Carabanchel, Madrid, PATIO is an artistic hub that invites its community to explore, experiment, and connect. It serves as an experimental space where artists, designers, and creative minds converge in workshops, exhibitions, and networking events, fostering a dynamic environment for artistic expression and collaboration.



with Querida

Present Space is an independent film and art platform bringing together artists globally to create, connect and ignite conversations.


with N-E

Lighthouse is a full-service photo and film production agency founded by Eduardo Sayas. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid and an extensive but carefully selected network of professionals, Lighthouse is able to deliver productions worldwide.

Development d3.js


with Querida

Highlighting a homepage featuring a physics-driven data visualization schema, this site serves as an expansive portfolio showcasing entrepreneur Anna Truyol’s diverse projects.


with Juan Areizaga

Bernat is a video editor with a collaborative spirit that seeks out the vision of others, leading him to attach his virtues to the art of montage. It is within this framework to understand each project as a unique pathway, ever progressing towards the rediscovery of beauty.

Development Shopify


with Marta Serras

Talia byre searches for qualities that transgress time. Inspired by family heirlooms and the community that surrounds the brand, the brand's creations exude a timeless sensuality. Rituals and heritage have been central to the design language of the London-based designer since her graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2020.